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Tint paint example video

Recently saw the fantastic Tint paint range and branding, and thought how fresh the brand was and how 3d stills/ animations would compliment it. I decided to do a quick little teaser of what could be possible.Short little animations (can be used for commercials, YouTube pre-rolls or other social media posts) the videos could showcase the Tint product range in it's entirety.( The Pico, The Painter's tape, Sanding sponge, Angled brush etc.)
The Pico for example being a new product could benefit from showing how to use the product.
The giant spheres are in the Tint range of colours. 
Best viewed on a desktop/laptop with the video full screen and audio.
Enjoy!  - Jason (1).gif
Untitled Project_TINTPAIN_TEST_v001_2020
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