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Day Rate

$750 AUD PLUS GST per day for up to 8 hours. Project costings and estimates are assessed individually. Any time needed outside of scope to be advised on and re-quoted for approval.

Hourly Rate

$89 AUD p/h. The hourly rate is generally 2nd preference to daily yet can come into effect for shorter projects.

Premium Day Rate

$1,200 AUD PLUS GST per day. Comes into effect on weekends and public holidays. Considerable overtime can be included in this, dependent on a project basis. Premium Rates are generally agreed upon mutually before work commences.

Upfront Deposits

Normally, a 50% deposit is paid up front. The deposit gets the job started and then the remaining 50% of the agreed quote is paid upon completion of the work.


All invoices have a 30 day term in which the full agreed upon payment is due by. This is considered a fair and reasonable time frame by regular standards. Any extensions can be granted by permission in writing and are to be advised on with as much notice as possible. Late payments will be followed up within 2-3 business days.

Project Files ( only applies to project jobs)

Collected project files are costed at an additional 300% of the agreed quote and can be delivered after final project sign-off. This cost is applicable when the majority of assets or visuals were created by myself. On occasions where artwork or original IP is supplied to me, this may not be relevant.

*This fee is waived on studio day rate work.

Stefani Longshamp
Max Reinert
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